Get Your Spoon on....


        Love'N Spoonfuls is a Family owned and run business. There are five of us. We wanted to be different. Un-like all the others. We are not your run of the mill Frozen Yogurt shop.               With our friendly and relaxing atmosphere, we prefer to think of our business as a Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt ...Lounge if you will. A mecca of treats to satisfy any and all appetites....a plethora of palatable greatness know what I mean.

         We searched beyond the foothills for the best tasting yogurt we could find. No really, ...we ate froyo in every city, town, and state we were in for a solid year and I do believe we found it! 

          Honey Hill Farms and Sugar Creek Foods have created a rich, creamy, consistent Frozen Yogurt complete with Live Active Cultures necessary to promote the wellness and health benefits of froyo. They offer over 200 Flavors and combinations that we will be changing often. 

          We feel it's the best we've ever tried and we will be shocked if you don't agree. 

 15 Flavors of 

Frozen Yogurt 

and over 

60 Toppings 

Love'N Spoonfuls offers more 

                         than just Spoonfuls...

           In addition to our small mountains of frozen happiness in a cup, we offer Smoothies and Swirl Fusions too. 

           Smoothies are recipes assembled by either our staff or yourself and blended to a creamy smoothness and served in a tall cup with a straw. 

          Our signature Smoothies are:    

   The Elvis (peanut butter and banana), 

Red, White, & Blue (Strawberries, vanilla froyo, and blueberries, 

Fresh Fruit (self-explanatory)

M.I.Y.O (my-yo) Make It Your Own. If we have it we will make it for you! 

          We also offer Kickers...Vegetable Protein,Whey Protein or B12 to Kick up your Smoothies. 

          For those who may be counting calories we have Meal Replacement Additives as well.

          Swirl Fusions would be comparable to a (dare I say) a Blizzard. We give you a tall cup, you fill it a you as you see fit, and we blend it all together for you.

          And lets not forget about The Love Boat... (exciting and new)...(for those of us old enough to appreciate that old show) ...our version of the perfect banana split. We give you a butterflied banana and you top it as you wish!

  the Hottest Coolest place in town!

You can find Love'N Spoonfuls at

 1800 Golden Mile Hwy Plum Boro PA 15239 

or Call us at 724*325* LOVE (5683)  Don't forget to Like us on Facebook

Vanilla Custard 

Birthday Cake 

 Triple Chocolate

Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel

Valencia Orange Sorbet

Tahitian Vanilla

Orange Dreamcicle

Cookies and Cream

Red Velvet

California Tart

Coming soon:

Rocky Road




We are OPEN...

Everyday 12:00pm - !0:00pm

Double Stamp Mondays are when you earn Double Stamps on your Loyalty card.    

Perfect 10 Tuesday is when you fill your cup to a Perfect 10oz you get it for FREE!

Guess what day it is?... Hump Day!? Close, it's $1.00 Off Swirl Fusion Day!

Thirsty Thursdays gives you a $1.00 Off Smoothies!

and Sundae Funday Gives you $1.00 Off Love Boats!